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The J North Story


J North Associates are a unique, boutique agency based in the heart of Manchester.

Dedicated to the drive and success of its talent we are an incredibly personable agency with a real and honest touch.

With Experience all over the world and in many different roles we are here to help our clients reach their greatest achievements. Daryl and Andy have been business partners for many many years now, and have always had a passion for working “on the opposite side of the panel”.


With the strong camaraderie and great initiative, along side heaps of charisma, together they are constantly coming up with fresh ideas to benefit their clients in this industry.

When they say J North is a family, they really mean it and want nothing more than to help their clients shape their career in the correct way.

“We are unique, that’s why people take notice…”


Daryl PJ Chatterton


With over a decades experience performing in many areas of the industry, Daryl’s passion is now being turned to helping and supporting others.

With plans to feed all of his positive energy and all of his experience into his clients, Daryl can’t wait to find and work with talented, focused and dedicated individuals!


Helping clients to pursue their dreams is something he is really excited about and being part of J North Associates is something hes incredibly Proud of!


Andy J Thompson


After many years of experience in the industry performing, Andy is now ready to share his valuable knowledge with his unique clients.

 He is extremely excited knowing that his positive and motivational energy that he will pass onto his clients will help guide them to great success and ongoing achievement.

Andy believes that with every dream, ambition and goal, there has to be positive and dedicated commitment, which will then lead to great success!


Andy is proud to be a part of The J North team, as they have the knowledge and understanding to help create that commitment.

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